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5 Ways to Keep Your Brand In Shape

shutterstock_259280957-compressorConfess: Do you have a flabby brand? Is your identity, products and services as razor sharp and in focus as the joyous days when they were brought to market? Brands are like people (or anything, actually), if they aren’t kept in tip-top shape, they eventually become less effective. And in today’s dog eat dog, hyper-competitive world, your brand still needs to compete as vigorously as the day it was born. Here are 5 ways to keep it sharp.

Actually, at the core of it all, it’s really only ONE way, and would it shock you to hear us say that that way is RESEARCH?

Regular research on your brand, products and services helps you keep them and your marketing strategies sharp, in focus and dynamically relevant for today’s rapidly shifting market trends. Here are 5 ways how it does that:

1. Keeping your product and services in line with client needs

By understanding which challenges or priorities are top of mind for your clients (and if your clients are changing), you can always have your value proposition honed to address how your services solve those needs and priorities. This helps your firm stay relevant in the minds of your prospective clients.

2. Increase lead generation

Knowing how your clients go about finding, evaluating and selecting service providers is extremely powerful knowledge (and this can change dramatically and quickly, too). This market intelligence gives you the tools to get in front of more of your best prospects and speak directly to the issues that matter most to them.

3. Learn how your employees/staff understands -and presents- your brand

Conduct internal research to find out how your staff talks to clients about your value proposition and services. You’ll discover critical disconnects between what clients expect to hear and what your team is actually saying.

4. Remain up-to-date on your competition

Your clients are in the best position to identify your top competitors, what they are known for and how your firm is different (and again, this can be changing daily). This qualitative aspect of brand research provides the blueprint for your brand positioning and messaging.

5. Establish solid performance baseline metrics

Brand research is at its best when it balances qualitative research with quantitative analysis. This allows you to measure powerful metrics such as:

  • Relevancy – how relevant are your services to clients?
  • Value – how valuable are the services you provide?
  • Delivery – how well do you do what you say you will do?
  • Loyalty – how likely are your clients to work with you in the future?
  • Recommend – how likely are your clients to recommend your firm?

Finally, it is crucial for you to know that …we can do all of this for you!

You could say we are the Gold’s (Mine) Gym for your brand and business.

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