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HPM Building Supply

Lee Wilson, HPM Building Supply, Hilo. 

Before. For many years we conducted an annual market survey identifying consumer decision- making criteria and how HPM stacked up against the competition. Although the overall information was good, it did not provide tangible, actionable data. We looked for something that was more timely and was reportable to the individuals who provided the service so it could be used as a coaching tool.

After. The use of Clarity Kit as a coaching tool has been invaluable. It has helped us shape good sales and service people into customer service all-stars. Equally important it has helped us to identify employees who were not suited for customer-facing positions. The information we’ve received through Clarity Kit has enabled us to intelligently change our product mix to more accurately meet the needs of our customers, and has allowed us to allocate scarce resources such as salespeople, trucks and forklifts to the most urgent areas.

Success factors.

  • ClarityKit is fairly simple to setup and maintain.
  • Reports and data are reviewed regularly and action taken.
  • The at-risk portion of compensation for our branch managers, department supervisors and contractor salespeople is partially based on making incremental improvements in specific ClarityKit measurements.
  • We can quickly identify changes in service levels and customer perceptions, and therefore be faster to react. Being able to identify specific at-risk customers has also allowed us to re-earn and recapture and business we likely would have lost if it wasn’t for the timely information provided through ClarityKit.