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Servco Pacific, Inc.

Rick Ching, Chief Operating Officer, Servco Pacific, Inc.

President, Servco Automotive Operations

Before. Although we previously had customer service metrics, there was not enough awareness of the scores, and not all of our programs and personnel were focused and aligned on improving customer service. We needed to increase awareness, visibility, and focus on the voice of the customer.

After. Our managers and customer contact positions 1) receive specific and timely feedback on interactions with customers, and 2) are aware of specific drivers for providing great customer service. These factors lead to more responsibility and accountability for taking care of our  valuable customers.

Key success factors.

  • Alignment and focus of everyone, from senior management to customer contact positions, to improving customer service. Over the years, we have refined and improved the program by adding additional functionality and responding to changes in the environment, such as adding electronic surveys and moving towards Net Promoter Scores.
  • Dealing with an issue requires an understanding of the current state, a “root-cause” analysis, and then executing a carefully thought-out plan. ClarityKit has been an important part of this process for Servco Automotive.
  • Market Trends Pacific is open and willing to continually improve the ClarityKit platform in response to our requests. Additionally, it is takes the initiative to meet with our personnel to review the metrics and give specific suggestions for improving customer service.