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About Our Product

Clarity When It Counts

ClarityKit was developed by Market Trends Pacific, Inc. of Honolulu, Hawaii for clients who want rapidly published market research data for secure viewing. The cloud-based program is the first of its kind in the Hawaii market and provides timely tracking of customer feedback and service evaluations after a sales transaction.

This quest for quality data that is actionable and accountable has been at the heart of Market Trends Pacific’s business since it was started in 1972.

“Market Trends Pacific, Inc. aims to provide its clients with timely, accurate and reliable data so that they are able to make informed decisions.”

ClarityKit is a suite of market research reports delivered electronically via gated Internet. Customer service surveys, sales tracking, and audio interviews can be accessed 24/7 for secured viewing. It also is mobile device friendly and works on all tablets.

Get critical real-time data and trends tonight, so you can make meaningful management decisions affecting customer service and sales tomorrow.  Suitable for diverse industries, including retail, financial, automotive, health, insurance, and cause-related organizations.

ClarityKit is the voice of the consumer and the most valuable customer retention tool you could have.

WHY. See “Why ClarityKit”.

Data Collection
Primary data collection methods include:
Executive-Level Interviewing
Focus Groups
In-Person Interviewing (CAPI)
Intercept Interviewing
Mail Surveys
Mystery/Secret Shops
Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
Web-based Surveys

Study Types
We design and conduct the following study types:

  • Advertising Branding and Positioning Testing
  • Community Attitude Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • New Product / Service Testing
  • Public Opinion Polling
  • Social and Economic Impact Studies
  • Ongoing Tracking Studies