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Q: How can you tell if your employees are engaged?

post1A: You catch them holding hands. Seriously, employee engagement has become a very serious business success metric lately. Not coincidentally, it may be because of recent studies that show only a small percentage of US employees are engaged. There are three simple questions that can tell you which ones are.

A recent Employee Engagement Benchmark study by The Temkin Group found that only 26% of US employees are highly engaged. Through their years of cumulative study, they curated the factors down into employee views of key elements of company values that compromise what they refer to as the Temkin Employee Engagement Index (TEEI).

The TEEI is based on the degree to which employees agree with these three statements:

  1. I understand the overall mission of my company
  2. My company asks for my feedback and acts upon my input
  3. My company provides me with the training and the tools that I need to be successful

Would you be shocked to hear that we can help you easily measure this?

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