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How Technology Has Changed Real Estate Sales

ipad woman withAsk Coldwell Banker CEO Charlie Young what’s the biggest disruption happening in the real estate industry and his answer isn’t surprising. Here’s what he told Fortune Magazine:

“Well, technology. I’m sure you hear that from many CEOs. It is changing the way we practice real estate in many forms. It’s about how we utilize online technology and data to keep track of consumers in the home-buying process to make sure we are delivering for them.

“At Coldwell Banker we have a product for agents we call CBx which is a listing tool that really helps an agent sit with a potential seller to determine where potential buyers might come for a house. It also gives them a better sense of pricing and what the right price would be for the house.”

The iPad application pulls market data from private and public sources. CBx is interactive and easy for agents to use with custom features such as maps and a search based on neighborhood details and amenities.

This tool, according to Young, moves technology beyond the website and uses it to power agents to create a better experience for the customer.

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