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The benefits of ClarityKit™ and a well-designed Voice of the Customer program are many. First, it empowers everyone in your organization by giving them access to meaningful and actionable insights from the customers they service. Specific benefits include:

  •  Monitor staff in real time/survey customers within 24 hours of interaction and transaction.
  • On demand reporting. Access surveys, scores, reports at any time, 24/7. System updates are performed several times a day.
  • Recover at-risk customers by receiving alerts, reviewing member need or issue and responding to member (Closed loop process).
  • Set goals and expectations that are clear, measurable and relevant.
  • Recognize, reward, coach and train the right people at the right time.
  • Shift from transaction based to relationship based.
  • Systematic and scientific approach yields high response rates, reliable sampling and valid data.
  • Multiple modes of data collection through ClarityKit™ — mobile, web, outbound calls.
  • Embed customer surveys and scores directly in to your CRM giving you and staff a 360-degree view of member.
  • Encourages team building and support / everyone is held accountable for service delivery
  • Surveys, scores, reports are meaningful and actionable / scores and surveys provided on various levels from customer service representative rolled up to supervisor rolled up to manager, and so on.

Win and Retain Customers

  • Pro-active approach / reach out and “touch” customers
  • Dedicated and focused effort / high contact and response rate
  • Keeps company/brand in mind of customers

Market Data To Assist in Planning and Implementation

  • Systematic and scientific approach (timely, valid, reliable)
  • Ongoing data collection (addresses changing expectations, tracking, etc.)
  • Actionable data (large sample sizes)

Operations Data to Train, Coach, Reward and Drive Behavior

  • 24/7 access / updates daily
  • Ease of access / user-friendly
  • Measurable / goal-setting
  • Results-oriented / immediate and long-term
  • Development of programs that positively impact bottom line
  • Cost effective and efficient